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September 21, 2020

For a successful and rewarding surf session, good waves and a good surfboard are essential. While choosing a board may seem simple, there are actually a few things to keep in mind.


Level of experience and style of surfing

A less experienced surfer can not expect to have the same level of performance with a certain surfboard as a professional surfer. In addition, there are so many board types, from performance, retro and alternative shortboards, to middle lengths and longboards, that the best advice we can give is to try different boards to find the one that best suits your skills and features. Time and practice will allow you to naturally evolve into another type of board.


Wave type

A board designed for tubular and fast waves can not be expected to have the same performance in soft and slow waves or vice versa.

While a professional surfer can afford to have a considerable number of surfboards for all occasions, a common surfer can choose to have a surfboard that specializes in the type of waves that he normally surfs, have an all around model that is reasonably suitable for surfing different types of waves or have two boards, one for powerful and fast waves in winter and another, for example a fish, for smaller and calm waves in summer.
Try to get acquainted with a good and trustworthy local shaper or shopkeeper who can advise you properly.


Volume of the board

Any specialist will tell you that the dimensions of the board are dependent on your weight and height, as well as your physical condition and age. A concept currently widely used is the volume of the board, on which will depend the buoyancy of the board and consequent ease of paddling and speed.

Once again, do not just go after what your favorite professional surfer uses. There are tables that can serve as a reference for the volume appropriate to you and, based on this value, you will be able to try out boards of different dimensions and outlines.

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Remember, there’s no perfect board, but this should not stop you from informing yourself, venturing and having fun.




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