Surf Clinics

In April, during Easter holidays, and in the Summer months (June, July, August and September), turn yourself completely (or almost) into surf! Our clinics are a place to spend your free time, having fun and making a lot of friends, but also a time for intensive learning - you can spend the day with us from 9 to 6 p. m. When you return to school your surfing level won't be the same anymore.

(a lot!)

Our Clinics are intensive surf courses complemented by other activities.


Get ready to make new friends also passionate for surfing.


If you are a beginner you will learn faster; if you already surf you will evolve a lot.


That's right, they are limited and usually filled quite quickly so book right away.
1Surf Clinics

Free time occupation periods and an intensive surf course.

It includes:

  • Monitoring of all activities (inside and outside of water)
  • A maximum of two surf lessons per day
  • Licensed transportation
  • Surfboard, surf suit and place for changing clothes
  • Food supplement (option)
  • Group photo
  • Liability & Personal Accident insurance

2To Whom

Especially for:

  • Children and young people between 6 and 18 years old
  • For all surf levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced)


Every year in:

  • April - during Easter holidays
  • June, July, August and September

Schedule: on weekdays from 9 to 6 p. m.


In Carcavelos (until 11 years old) and on other beaches (over 11 years old).

Available spaces:

  • Angels Surf School
  • Private terrace (100 m2)
  • Restaurant
  • First aid post
  • Concessioned beach area
  • Changing rooms and toilets


Students Reception

Sea and surf activities


Break/Beach activities

Sea and surf activities

Afternoon snack/End of the day


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Easter Break and Summer Holidays

2024 Edition

Email: ; Tel: +351 962 681 113

Angel Surf School's Surf Clinics are already a classic. Please consider that vacancies are limited and always sell out. If you don't want to miss this opportunity you better start talking to your parents and contact us to book your place.
Shall we meet you at Angels Surf School?

Summer Surf Clinics

June 17- September 13


Carcavelos Beach

180Per Week

5-11 Years Old

It includes:
  • All surf levels
  • Equipment and licensed transportion
  • Teachers and monitors
  • Option: food supplement - 45€/week
  • Beach: Carcavelos

Other Beaches

190Per Week

12-18 Years old

It includes:
  • All surf levels
  • Equipment and licensed transportion
  • Teachers and monitors
  • Option: food supplement - 40€/week
  • Beaches: Caparica, Praia Grande, Guincho

Easter Break

March 25th to April 5th


Carcavelos Beach

175Per Week

Up to 18 years old

It includes:
  • All surf levels
  • Equipment and licensed transportion
  • Teachers and monitors
  • Option: food supplement - 45€/week
  • Beach: Carcavelos
  • Performance Training - David Figueiredo
    I have been following the work of Marcos and his team for many years, which led me to try this new service. I confess I did not have many expectations, but the results were excellent! The feedback and training with Carlos were impeccable - a program tailored to my level. The correction of gross errors from many years ago brought immediate results.
    David Figueiredo
    Performance Training
  • Performance Training - Mauro Botelho Moniz
    Despite surfing for over 20 years, my desire to evolve has never diminished. When Marcos, with all his experience and professional surfing background, challenged me to practice with him and have classes with Carlos, I didn't hesitate. It was an amazing experience to see me filmed. Through on-screen visual aids, verbal input during training and video self-review, I was able to notice and correct minor errors in positioning, weight distribution and body movements. It had an immediate impact on surfing. It is a highly recommended experience for anyone who wants to evolve!
    Mauro Botelho Moniz
    Performance Training
  • Performance Training - Miguel Martins
    Excellent surf training experience. Finally, a tailor made program that allowed me to progress and reach a higher level on surfing technique.
    Miguel Rocha Martins
    Performance Training
  • Escola de Surf Angels Surf School (Martin)
    I arrived in Portugal a week ago and this is my first surf lesson in my entire life. My friends told me that Portugal is very good for surfing, therefore I had to try it out and it was amazing. I had a lot of fun and very good experience. Definitely an experience to repeat. And maybe I can bring some friend with me next time.
    Erasmus Student, Belgium
  • This was my first lesson at Angels Surf School and I enjoyed it very much. I was so happy to be able to do everything that I was asked for. In my opinion it was all much easier because the instructor knew how to talk a perfect English, and in that way I understood everything he was explaining to me. Above all I was very well received and treated in the best way. I really loved it, and I’ll come back.
    Erasmus Student, Norway
  • Today I had my second lesson at Angels Surf School. The class once again it was amazing, and I did the take-off perfectly this time, so I was very happy after that. It feels good. What I love about this school is the attention that they give to you every single moment, so I’m not afraid at all. And when I came back today, they still remembered my name. That was really nice.
    Erasmus Student, Belgium
  • Inscrevi-me na variante de aperfeiçoamento das aulas com Personal Trainer porque sabia que ainda podia melhorar o meu surf. Filmaram-me a surfar, definiram-me um plano de treino individual e com a ajuda do Kiren evoluí bastante e agora estou bem melhor. Vale a pena o investimento. E sempre que posso, lá estou eu a telefonar à Angels surf School para umas dicas.
    Luís Morgado
    Aulas com PT - Aperfeiçoamento
  • Surfing has been fundamental to Unbabel, it's crucial for the team's well being. Angels Surf School always delivered an exceptional service and dedication to Unbabel with amazing instructors and a philosophy that mirrors the best of surfing. With them we discover that surfing isn't all about adrenaline, it's also a combination of zen and well-being in life.
    Vasco Pedro
    CEO, Unbabel
  • Escola de Surf Angels Surf School (Madalena)
    Progression lessons are great and teachers give us a lot of support. In a short amount of time I was able to eliminate many mistakes and improve my surfing skills. Besides, the lessons are always fun.
    Madalena Morais
    Progression level
  • Escola de Surf Angels Surf School (Pedro)
    I am very glad to be a member of Angels' family. These 3 years changed my life completely. I was able to evolve thanks to the great teachers, specially to "Nozes", that was patient enough to put up with me all this time and help me improve my surfing skills drastically. Thank you for everything!
    Pedro Pereira
    Advanced level


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