Performance Training

If you're aiming to stand out on the board and want quickly to improve your surfing level, the Performance Training service is just what you need to learn new techniques, bridge gaps, identify and overcome mistakes. In summary: individual training sessions (water training + session analysis), delivered by an experienced surf coach with a strong video analysis component.

120 minutes

Individual training sessions (90 minutes in water + 30 minutes of session analysis)

Instrutor Qualificado

+ 10 years of experience, level 2 surf coach degree or higher, certified by the Portuguese Sports Institute/Surfing Federation.

Video Analysis

Recording of all sessions. The videos will be sent to you via the internet (WeTransfer), for you to view whenever you require.


Carcavelos, São Pedro do Estoril, Guincho, Praia Grande and Costa de Caparica, depending on the forecast, tides and student's availability.

Example: Manoeuvre Analysis


The Training That Makes the Difference

Sometimes the surfer progresses well initially, but there comes a time when it is difficult to jump to a higher level of performance. Under these circumstances, there is a risk of surfing becoming frustrating. Fortunately, today there are methods to break down performance barriers, training models tailored to each surfer needs and goals, to eliminate technical, psychological and decision-making errors.

Angels Surf School Performance Training service is designed for all surfers who want to accelerate their progress or overcome stagnation, allowing them to enjoy the maximum on each wave and increase performance in each surf session. Other aspects to shot include: developing of the main manoeuvres, training for positioning on the line-up / choice of waves, the creation of intelligent paths to gain speed, the selection of the best manoeuvres to apply on the wave, adaptation to all kinds of waves, big / small, soft / hollow, sand / reef and also advice about the appropriate equipment to progress.

The only requirements needed are independence in the water and motivation to evolve. In training sessions the surfer is evaluated according to his technique, wave choice, peak positioning and wave performance. All sessions will be recorded. Video analysis allows us to accurately identify what the surfer needs to change to improve his performance. Visualization of what the surfer does right / wrong, with consequent error correction, repetition and adjustment of execution are the keys to successful surfing.
performance surf training


4 lessons per month
performance surf training

Individual Lessons

Booked in advance
  • Performance Training - David Figueiredo
    I have been following the work of Marcos and his team for many years, which led me to try this new service. I confess I did not have many expectations, but the results were excellent! The feedback and training with Carlos were impeccable - a program tailored to my level. The correction of gross errors from many years ago brought immediate results.
    David Figueiredo
    Performance Training
  • Performance Training - Mauro Botelho Moniz
    Despite surfing for over 20 years, my desire to evolve has never diminished. When Marcos, with all his experience and professional surfing background, challenged me to practice with him and have classes with Carlos, I didn't hesitate. It was an amazing experience to see me filmed. Through on-screen visual aids, verbal input during training and video self-review, I was able to notice and correct minor errors in positioning, weight distribution and body movements. It had an immediate impact on surfing. It is a highly recommended experience for anyone who wants to evolve!
    Mauro Botelho Moniz
    Performance Training
  • Performance Training - Miguel Martins
    Excellent surf training experience. Finally, a tailor made program that allowed me to progress and reach a higher level on surfing technique.
    Miguel Rocha Martins
    Performance Training


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